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Daily Babbles
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28th-Mar-2010 12:54 am - old and dusty

Wow, it's really been a long time since I last blogged. Well, life practically half-suck right now. Am so looking forward to brighter days. Thanks to those who care, I'll be fine. Oh yeah, am studying in sim for degree now. Uni life is so not what I expected it to be. It's so different from poly life. You think that you know the things that they want from you but you can be so wrong. The people are okay. Some are nice and there are those who are irritating. But what the heck, just deal with it. Project submission next week, so I'm cramming up tonight to finish it up. Hmm, I guess that's about it. Goodnight World.

'they say you gotta work hard for something you want. so if you really want me, you gotta work for it.'-anonymous
25th-Oct-2009 10:28 am - is your love a coincidence? or fate?

you wanna know the kind of stupid things that me and bf always fight about?


dumb but it happens..nevertheless, I LOVE YOU MR WAWAN!!
30th-Sep-2009 10:21 am - horny perverts
horny pervertic idiots should be tied to a tree and hv their penis feed by big red vicious ants!
updates people!

where am i working now? : CPF Board
what am i working as? : Customer Service Officer (temporary)
how much am i paid? : confidential yo! haha
what are my working hours? : every monday-friday, 8.30am-6pm (believe me or not, this is actually one of the reasons why i took the job!)
how would i rate my new job? : definitely 100% better than my previous one..like duh..
am i happy with my new job? : absolutely..except that its a lil bit too far but its okay since there's a straight bus from my area..

and i'm just killing time till i start school next year actually..im still confused if you ask me..but sooner or later i gotta figure things out...

i think that's all for now..goodnight and sweet dreams people!

9th-Aug-2009 11:10 am - NATIONAL DAY BOO-HOO

Yesterday went over to ION orchard with mao2 to catch b busk..then went to lucky plaza because mao2 wanted to eat ayam penyet..then went to wisma topshop to shop..then went back to ION orchard to see Steve Madden..not bad but kinda abit messy to me..and ION orchard is too darn big..need to recognise the different landmarks..and B4 is like paradise but all tak HALAL..bloody ids..and then we stumbled on this shop called Titanium..i like the ambience of that outlet..it was very peaceful despite the fact that it was bustling outside with crowds of kiasu shoppers..its one of the most peaceful areas in ION orchard other than the toilet..and ouh yea! we ran into yana and the bf..they look so cute together..a perfect match..haha..im jealous..

and i've been ....... everyday..very bad mai..very bad..

haha..okay!! im still stuck on 'good girls go bad'! kinda addictive..i wanna dance to that song cann?! :)

5th-Aug-2009 09:51 pm - GOOD GIRLS GO BAD

i think im in love with leighton meester!! hoT! hoT!

Hello friends!! I am starting an online blogshop selling junk food tees, ralph lauren polo tees and armani exchange tops. I know you guys might be thinking what the heck? Whether it is expensive? Whether it is original? How is the quality like and etc etc.. I can assure you that I am selling at a reasonable price and that the tops are all original(I have proof too!). The blog is on its way to be set-up hopefully by next week because I am kind of a computer idiot so I need some help from my friend to set it up. Prices and pictures will all be posted on the blog but you gotta wait ok. But if you can't wait, we can meet up first and I will show you the samples. In the mean time, you guys can help me spread the word to your other friends about this okay!

Thank you so so much!!

14th-Jul-2009 02:16 am - err..
i need a new addiction. singing?

i need a new social group. anyone?

i need a new hp. iphone 3gs can?

i need a new job. any recommendations?

gosh. this sucks.

they say a picture tells a thousand words..but i think that a song tells the whole story.

you can tell the whole world that i'm a bad girlfriend..but they don't know the things that i'm enduring..

i don't share my misery with the world..only those close to me will really know who i am and what i'm going through.
16th-May-2009 11:38 pm(no subject)
I pray to God that you will find someone better and that He will lead her to you.
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